The Black Shoals Run
Micro Adventure

/ micro adventures / North America / Texas

Saint Anna's

/ routes / Northern Europe / Sweden

The Black River
Time Machine

/ routes / North America / North Carolina

The Cypress Creek
Micro Adventure

/ micro adventures / North America / Texas

The Medina River

/ routes / North America / Texas

deep south

/ routes / North America / Georgia + Alabama

The S24O kayakpacking Guide

/ features / guide

the epic fjords of norway

/ routes / N. europe / norway
Explore Route

the yukon-charley Pass

/ routes / north america / alaska

Saint Andrew Bay Fugue

/ routes / north america / Florida

the Neuse River Escape

/ routes / north america / North Carolina

U.K. Ullswater

/ routes / Europe / United Kingdom

Moab on the

/ routes / North America / Utah

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Kayakpacking is the fusion of kayaking and light-as-possible camping, It’s exploring places less paddled, both near and afar, via river, lake, fjord, or ocean carrying only essential gear.
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The definitive guide to getting started kayakpacking. What equipment to bring, where to go and for how long.
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