The black Shoals run
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Snaking its way through the blue jacks, post oaks and sugar-mapled banks of the East Texas Bottomland, the Sabine River splits the Piney Woods Forest to an exposed black coal seam swimming hole - score this a near perfect kayakpacking micro-adventure if you happen to be one of the 1.5 million people who are lucky enough to live within a 90 minute drive of the put-in.

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The Black Shoals Run is a kayakpacking micro-adventure with plenty to offer on both sides of the main event.  The Sabine River drains a huge swath of the Texas Bottomland and historically has above average rainfall - a combination that produces the largest volume of water of any river in Texas and makes for a consistently great paddle.

Along her sandy shoulders there is abundant evidence of wildlife - possum, armadillo, and white tails among them - areas just begging to be explored on foot or scouted for a future S24O kayakpacking adventure.  Put in on a Friday night after work and you could be home in time to make lunch on Saturday.The mid-point is arguably the geologic highlight of the trek.  

The multi-terraced Black Shoals is a shattered seam of black coal that splits the Sabine and result in miniature waterfalls and natural tubs that also create the biggest paddle challenge.  Low-flowing 1-2 foot drops are abundant and a good introduction if you've never been exposed to this kind of water.  A wet footed portage is an option along with easier I-class paddle arounds to the left.

The run is bookended by Texas DNR maintained ramps with plenty of parking make setting up a shuttle a breeze.

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Cypress Creek, Texas
5 Miles / 4-6 Hours

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