Kayakpacking is the fusion of kayaking and ultralight minimalist camping, It’s exploring places less paddled, both near and afar, via river, lake, fjord, or ocean carrying only essential gear.


215 Mi / 112 Km / 21 Days

This three week kayakpacking odyssey on one of America's most iconic waterways begins 60 miles from the western Canadian Yukon Territory border and winds itself through one of the most remote US National Preserves.

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Epic Fjords
of Norway

17 Mi / 10 Km / 2 Days

The towering shores of the Nærøyfjord and Aurlandsfjord are really the sides of a glacier formed valley that rise up +5,000ft from the water and serve as a dramatic backdrop to this epic kayakpacking adventure.

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Neuse River

215 Mi / 112 Km / 7 Days

Looking for a kayakpacking escape from the city sometimes takes no more than looking for a treasure that may be in your own backyard. 

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Andrew Bay Fugue

12 Mi / 7 Km / 2 Days

Sometimes all it takes is a casual Google Maps bombsighting tour of your local waterways to inspire some weekend kayackpacking greatness. It also helps if your backyard happens to be the Gulf Coast of Florida!

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6Mi / 9.6Km / 1 Day

With plenty of camping options to make it an ideal sub 24-hour overnight (S24O), Ullswater makes a great kayak camping getaway all but a short drive from some of the UKs major cities.

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on the

120 Mi / 193 Km / 10 Days

Carving its way through 120 miles of slickrock dessert, Moab on the Green is a 10-day time-machine kayakpacking tour of ageless geologic and human history -

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7 Mi / 11.26 Km / 3 Days

Not one for suffering winter? Deep South Eufaula harbors a thinly veiled winter kayakpacking refuge for those of us not lucky enough to live in the warmer climes of Alabama and South Georgia.

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Medina River

15Mi / 24.1Km / 3 Days

Having been warmed by the Texas sun all summer the spring fed crystal blue waters of the Medina River flow like a hidden ribbon of jewels under a cathedral of ancient cypress thru the hill country of south central Texas.

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Cypress Creek

5Mi / 8.04Km / 4-6 hours

The first of our occasional micro-adventure series takes you 5 miles through shaggy cypress canopy, on a shallow mosquito ferned clearwater paddle to an iconic swimming hole hidden in the Texas Hill Country.

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The Black River
Time Machine

37.5 Mi / 60.3 Km / 4 Days

Somewhere deep in the 3-Sisters Swamp of the Black River in North Carolina is a 1675 year-old bald cypress the stuff legends are made of. Scientists have tagged her c-436, the locals refer to her as Methulsela.

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Saint Anna's

17.8 Mi / 28.65 Km / 4 Days

With nearly 6,000 potential camp sites to choose from and thousands of ways to link them together, knitting together a viable kayakpacking route in the St Anna Archipelago is a kayakpacker's dream.

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Black Shoals Run
Micro Adventure

6.7 Mi /10.78 Km / 4-6 Hours

The Black Shoals Run Micro Adventure snakes its way through the blue jacks, post oaks and sugar-mapled banks of the East Texas Bottomland on the Sabine River to an exposed black coal seam swimming hole.

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