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Robert Gryn

The towering shores of the Nærøyfjord and Aurlandsfjord are really the sides of a glacier formed valley that rise up +5,000ft from the water that are almost as deep as the mountains are tall. In their midst winds carry the voices of ancient viking expeditions and the promise of a magnificent weekend kayakpacking in the wild heart of Norway.


This particular route is a 1-night/2-day one-way from a put-in at the village Gudvangen nestled at the south end of Nærøyfjord at the confluence of the Nærøydalselvi river. The route finishes way too soon as you make your way on the Aurlandsfjord to your take out at Undredal.

The route could easily be extended to another night and day 8 miles to the Village of Flåm. (See our notes and map below for extended details)

While you may think the relative distance short this is a journey not to be rushed unless you are pushed for time. Majestic views, wildlife, sea-life and geological wonders are plentiful. The Kjelfossen waterfall, one of the highest in Norway, is located just to the southeast of Bakka roughly 3-miles into the trek and you are likely to be trailed by sea otters and spied by mountain goats along the way.

weather notes

Unless you are especially equipped for cold paddles the weather and cold water conditions make this journey best suited for the Norwegian spring and summer (ours was made in June when the water temperature was around 55 F/ 13 C). Generally we like to refer to the 120 degree rule: if the sum of the water and air temperature <120 F (49 C) then consider adding a drysuit to your kit.

  • The magnificent views that can only be experienced by kayak.
  • The Kjelfossen waterfall, one of the highest in Norway, is located just to the southeast of Bakka roughly 3-miles into the trek.
  • If your schedule allows stop in Bakka, a small beautiful village beside the fjord. From here hike up the Rimstigen Trail to view Nærøyfjord from above.
  • The weather can change drastically in the space of just a few minutes - temperature range from 50º - 85º F
  • Dyrdal bada space: Overnight on the north shore just south of Dyrdal about half way on the Nærøyfjord. 5747 Gudvangen, Norway @ 60.949285, 6.933055
  • Wilderness camping is allowed in Norway as long as you follow the simple rules set out in the right of access (”allemannsretten” in Norwegian). Read more about the Right of Access here.
  • Plan on a full supply before you leave Gudvangen where stores are easy to come by.
  • Dyrdal and Styvi are the only places without permanent inhabitants during the winter, and is without road connection.  Supplies are very limited.
  • Water from the fjords is brackish as it is both tide fed from the North Sea and fresh water from the snow melt off on the surrounding mountains.
  • You may be tempted but it's wise to beware of drinking from streams, as even the clearest and most inviting water may harbor giardia and other parasites.
robert Gryn

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A firm believer that hard work leads to success he wants to encourage people to create and experience, rather than consume - a mindset that we at highly support!


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